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What People Are Saying...

"Judi treats my Yorkies like they are her own dogs. She is patient and gentle with them and does a wonderful job grooming them. I highly recommend her services."

~Cyndi Darsch

"My silky terrier had her 2nd appointment with Judi and Peanut was so happy to see Judi! Peanut was kissing Judi and could not wait to be groomed! Judi is so wonderful with my little girl and my girl feels so good after being groomed and treated by Judi. Thank you Judi for the awesome care and grooming of my puppy!"

~Carmen M.

"Hi Judi -

What a blessing to have found Judi to groom our 19 year old cat. We were reluctant to have Tiffy groomed because of her age, her poor eyesight and hearing, and the stress associated with being bathed; and yet she definitely needed attention. From the moment Judi arrived I knew Tiffy would be in caring and competent hands. At one point Judi shared Tiffy was so relaxed she fell asleep. She looked so happy and content when the grooming was done. Her oily fur was now shining and as soft as satin, and all the shredding fur was gone. I think she really feels the difference and of course we appreciate how lovely she is now. She even looks younger! Thanks so much Judi for a job well done!"

~Barbara and Tom Fort Myers

"Judi groomed my silky terrier yesterday and did a wonderful job. She spent a lot of time with my dog getting to know her and my dog getting to know Judi. My silky terrier liked Judi so much, she wanted to go with Judi. My little girl now has a kind and caring groomer to keep her pretty."

~Carmen M.

"Judi is the best cat groomer we have ever had. She was able to groom Sebastian without sedation and he was bathed. Afterwards he seems happy and proud. Great experience."

"Judi just groomed my two miniature schnauzers, one is a year and the other is 4 months old. I am super-impressed! Every place I take them, we get compliments on their beautiful new 'dos. I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends! See you next month, Judi!"

"I have been using this service for more than 5 years and am totally satisfied with how my Harvey is groomed. Since he has been a puppy we have gone to Judi. He is a bichon frise and needs TLC and always looks handsome when he is done. I especially appreciate the mobile service because I live on Pine Island. She is a master groomer and true artist with a heart of gold for all her clients. I would never go anywhere else."

"Judi surpassed our expectations. While visiting Cape Coral we brought along our over grown Persian Chester. He was groomed and bathed without sedation. We were amazed he did not hide after his grooming. Chester seemed happy and proud."

~Elizabeth F.

"We moved down from Boston three years ago. We have tried several groomers for our Chester, which is our baby and a show standard poodle. It is amazing how many groomers don't know the different styles for poodles or can't get the heads correct. Finally a friend told us about Judi. Now our Chester looks like a champion poodle. I would recommend Judi!"

"My pups are always happy to see Judi drive up to our door. I am secure knowing they will receive the most adorable styled cut by a professional, caring,and knowledgeable Master Groomer. The mobile van is clean inside and out. I never worry about my dogs picking up other dog's fleas or illness. They are groomed immediately without being stressed waiting in cages.

I recommend Sitting Pretty Grooming service highly."

~Sue M. St. James City, Fl

"Judi is wonderful, kind, caring, professional and reliable! We moved here 3 months ago with our 15 year old cocker spaniel. She got a herniated disc and had to have spine surgery to survive, but it left her fragile. She recovered miraculously but now we needed to find a groomer that could treat her with TLC. Through word of mouth we were given Judi's name, she was so sympathetic to our situation and took Mocha on, that was the 2nd luckiest day of our life regarding our fur child. She doesn't have to stay at a groomers or in a cage, but receives rock-star treatment and looked beautiful after her treatment. Even better than she looked after the previous groomer. We are so happy and feel blessed to have found Judi, thank you for making our relocation even easier. No stress for Mocha and everyone is happy. SHE'S THE BEST."

~The Rea's from California

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