Cat Services & Pricing

If you have never had your had professionally groomed before, we invite you to speak with us. Once we see your kitty and discuss your needs, we can offer suitable solutions to whatever issues you and your cat are dealing with.

If you have had your cat previously groomed somewhere else, we invite you to give us a try.

All full groomings will include nail trims, ears cleaned, a sani trim, and comb-out.

Short Hair full groom: Bath, comb-out, nails, ears $70


Long Hair full groom: Bath, comb-out, nails, ears $85


Lion Cut: (smooth body with full to moderate mane, tail can be full or trimmed with a puff) $95


Comb Cut: (longer version of lion cut on the body) $105


De-Matt : (when possible) $10 and up


Extra matting/ severe shaving required $25 and up


De-shed Treatment: $25

Full Belly Shave: $10

Extra large cats subject to additional charge.

Prices subject to change.