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Cat Services & Pricing

If you have never had your cat professionally groomed before, we invite you to speak with us. Once we see your kitty and discuss your needs, we can offer suitable solutions to whatever issues you and your cat are dealing with.

Full Groom

Bath with shampoo, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, warm blow-dry, and a comb out. Sani Trim included for long hair.

Short Hair: $90 Long Hair Domestic: $100 

Lion Cut

Includes Full Groom. Cut is a short trim, mane/head can be left long or trimmed short. Tail can have a puff at the end, or left full, or have a moderate length.

Starting at $120

Teddy/Comb Cut

Includes Full Groom. Cut is similar to Lion Cut, but left a bit longer length. (up to 1/2" all over.) Head/mane can be adjusted, and tail can be left long or with a puff.

Starting at $130


Will be quoted at evaluation, addition to basic fees.

Starting at $35 up to $100 

Senior Grooms

Any cat over 12 years is considered a senior. Special care and time is given to them. Services will be decided as over-all health is concerned.

Call for Quote

Add Ons:

Belly Shave: $15

De Shedding: $10 short hair, $20 long hair

Nail Trim Only: $30

Please Note:

Extra large cats subject to additional charge.

Behavior/biting charge may be added for difficult cats.

Cats with medical concerns are best groomed at a vet clinic.

$50 No Show/Missed Appointment Fee: Due before any future appointments can be scheduled

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