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What is a Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG)

A CFMG attends The National Cat Groomers Institute of America (NCGIA) to receive hands on training in handling both cooperative and difficult cats. They complete both written and practical exams which include bathing, drying and haircuts (clips) with proper stopping points. For example, if you shave all the way down a cats’ legs, you are not only clipping off vital whiskers from the front, but you are also increasing the risk of injury to small tendons that are beyond the stopping points they are taught. Safety is also a major component of the training to help ensure no injuries to them but also the cats in their care.

Written exams cover Health and Anatomy, colors and genetics, breed identification, coat types and care, and much more. They are required to know feline diseases, how they are transmitted and proper sanitation to create a safe environment. They are taught product safety not only for cleaning the salon, but ingredients and items.

CFMG’s spend thousands getting this education and continued education (courses beyond the school) in order to provide the highest quality groom the industry has to offer. In an industry that requires absolutely no education, training, certification or even experience, CFMG’s have gone the extra mile in educating themselves and becoming proactive in the safety and well-being of your cats.

With less than 300 worldwide, a Certified Feline Master Groomer, not only thinks of their choice in work is a profession, it is also a passion. They may not be the least expensive groomer in your area, but the NCGIA guarantees that they have the highest level of education and hands on training available to anyone in the industry. Who would you rather trust your feline family member to, the cheapest, or the highest trained and educated?


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