Mobile grooming is a premier service to you, the pet owner.


Completely individualized attention is given to your pet. This opportunity does require a higher fee than your local corner pet grooming shop.

For small dogs. Additional fees may be necessary for matting, medicated shampoo, fleas, and special handling needs.

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Sitting Pretty Mobile Pet Grooming offers all of the services available in a salon right at your front door!

Pet Consultation before the grooming process even begins; to better understand your pet and the lifestyle you live we will discuss the work you'd like to have done, the special needs of your pet and how we can best achieve those results. A warm spa bath will be given using a massage bathing system. A Natural/ detergent free shampoo will be chosen for your pet. Two full baths will be given, one to clean and one specifically designed for your pets' coat and skin. A conditioner will be used.Nails will be trimmed. Pads of the feet will be trimmed. A sanitary trim will be given to the belly and rear of your pet. This trim is done with discretion in mind- NO monkey bottom trims will be done!Glands will be checked and expressed if possible. A tearless Hypo-Allergenic shampoo will be used on the face. All pets will be hand-dried, no cages. A thorough brushing and combing is done.A haircut suited to your pet will be given. A bow and or bandana and a spritz of cologne are available. Nail polish and Plaq Clenz for sale